New Zealand Interview Preparation Book: 2020 Edition
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[UMAT_workshop], [UMAT], [GAMSAT], [medical_school], [multiple_mini_interview], [MMI], [workshop], [mock_exam], [health_sciences], [first_year_health_sciences], [MedView]
[UMAT_workshop], [UMAT], [GAMSAT], [medical_school], [multiple_mini_interview], [MMI], [workshop], [mock_exam], [health_sciences], [first_year_health_sciences], [MedView]

New Zealand Interview Preparation Book: 2020 Edition

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About our book

MedView's interview preparation book was written by two Doctors graduated from the University of Auckland and has been updated to fully include the Auckland MMI. It is the product of our years of experience in tutoring students just like you. From our experience and interviewing successful applicants we know what techniques/skills work and which do not.


"This book provides an excellent guide and approach in preparing for the interview. A well structured, comprehensive, professionally written book packed with helpful tips, information and interview preparation skills." - Joel [3rd year medical student]


"The book provides a nice framework for interview preparation and along with the practice of presentation skills, it is a recipe to success." - Cathy [2nd year medical student]

The highlights of our book are:


When faced with such an imposing task like preparing for the interview you must have a logical and consistent method. We structured our book to take you through the 3 Ps of successful interview preparation step-by-step. We teach you how to start preparing your strategic knowledge and personal profile, how to practice and fine-tune your interview techniques and how to give an interview performance that showcases the brilliant you.



Our book includes everything you should know about the interview - what to study, who to talk to, what kind of questions are likely to come up and how you answer different types of questions. It also includes special sections on how to prepare for the interview early (Year 12/13) and learning the secret skill of successful interviewees - reflection. We include a bank of hundreds of specially picked interview questions to practice as well as a sample interview.



We know you are busy. That is why we decided to limit our book to 127 pages of the most essential and high-yield interview tips and strategies. Our philosophy is that our book will act as your personal tutor. We will provide you with all the raw ingredients - what you need to know, study and practice for the interview. We also give you a framework or a "recipe" to guide you. But ultimately we rely on you to be "the cook" to create the interview product that is uniquely you - with your own life story, your aspirations and your dreams.


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