Otago Test & Exam Review

Otago Test & Exam Review

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Why Our Students Do So Well

A competitive core paper GPA is essential to increase your chances of getting into medical school. Tests & Exams are every students nightmare, and your second semester has 4 tests & 3 exams! Get prepared from medical students who have taken and scored top marks in these test and exams previously and be one step ahead of your cohort going into them! Designed to cover all the content you actually need to know to succeed in these tests & exams as well as providing useful practice exams, with answers and feedback, which can't be found anywhere else! 

Pick from individual tests & exams, each core paper or all semesters content!

These review sessions are a one of a kind on the market, designed to replicate the actual exam and provide feedback and answers from successful past students. 

What Test & Exam Review Includes:

  • 3 hours of intensive group teaching for each of the core paper tests, delivered in person 
  • 5 hours of intensive group teaching for each of the core papers exams, delivered in person

Our Tutors 

Our tutors are highly experienced, and are current medical students at the University of Otago. They have each achieved an A+ in their respective subjects, each with 95%+ and/or top of the class in their subject.

Workshop Dates

BIOC 192
POPH 192

Don't take our word for it

"As a lot of students in BioMed / HealthSci, I experimented with many companies that offered courses and tutoring for the challenging courses and UCAT but I found MedView most helpful, as it was a collective that was experienced and well-resourced in providing efficient study help. They were by far the most structured and efficient lessons I'd been to" - Devanshi, University of Auckland

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