Auckland Flying Start 2022 (Semester 1)

Auckland Flying Start 2022 (Semester 1)

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Auckland Flying Start 2022 - Semester 1

MedView's Flying Start Workshop is developed around the core papers that is compulsory for medical school admissions in Auckland. In our Semester 1 programme, MedView focuses solely on the 3 core papers sat in Semester 1 (75% of the GPA counted for medical school selection). It is essential to do well in these papers in order to maximise your chance at entry. Our courses are private, intensive and adopt an interactive learning style designed specifically for students to achieve a better understanding on the syllabus as well as to sit the exams feeling much more assured.

This is a pre-semester programme that runs in the weeks leading up to Semester 1. It covers the 3 core papers (BIOSCI 107, CHEM 110 and POPLHLTH 111) and bridges the gap between high school and university. Do note that this is an intensive course with limited spaces.

The Auckland Flying Start workshop is a perfect stepping stone for students to gain a head start in their university journey!


What our Flying Start Course includes:

  • 20 hours each of intensive group teaching for the all 3 core papers
  • Recordings of courses made accessible for remote learning and revision
  • Worksheet to test student understanding of concepts covered
  • Full mock tests to further gauge student performance, with answer explanations to improve understanding

Workshop Dates:

  • A 4-week programme that starts on Thursday, 27th of January
  • Runs every weekday (Monday to Friday) from 10 AM to 2:30 PM
  • No session on Waitangi Day - 7th February and Auckland Anniversary - 31st January
  • Last session on Friday, 18th of February


Our Tutors

Our tutors are highly experienced current medical students at the University of Auckland. They have each achieved an A+ in their respective subjects, each with 95%+ and/or top of the class in their subject. 


Don't take our word for it

"As a lot of students in BioMed / HealthSci, I experimented with many companies that offered courses and tutoring for the challenging courses and UCAT but I found MedView most helpful, as it was a collective that was experienced and well-resourced in providing efficient study help. They were by far the most structured and efficient lessons I'd been to" - Devanshi, University of Auckland


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