Auckland Mock Clinical Selection Test

Auckland Mock Clinical Selection Test

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Due to COVID-19, the University of Auckland has introduced the Clinical Selection Test to assess your understanding of the content from the Semester 1 core papers. The CST will be a 3 hour in-person exam worth 27% of your final entry score. 

MedView will be running a Mock CST and review session to ensure you get the preparation you need to do well on the CST. Our Mock CST offering will consist of:

  • A 3 hour Mock CST sat in-person under exam conditions on Monday 27 July 
  • A 3 hour Mock CST in-person review session delivered by our tutors reviewing overall performance and answers to difficult questions on Tuesday 28 July 

Venue: UUNZ (76 Symonds Street)

Dates may change as the date for the actual CST has not been set. 

Our Mock CST will be based on previous end of semester exams and information provided on the test design and content covered. 

We think that for such a high stakes test it is extremely important that you are well prepared and practiced. Sitting the Mock CST will give you a crucial opportunity to test your knowledge of the content under real exam conditions so you can be successful when it really counts. 

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