Auckland Complete Package

Auckland Complete Package

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Designed to help you overcome every hurdle and get you into medical school!

Make sure you start the year on the right foot with MedView's Flying Start Course delivered prior to each semester and designed to help you achieve a high GPA to get you into medicine. Keep the momentum going with MedView's Weekly Revision Course to make sure you are fully comprehend the content for each assignment, test and exam. Finally the UCAT Winter Course will prepare you to excel in the UCAT and be offered a place at Auckland Medical School.

Why Our Students Do So Well

Unlike our competitors we offer a holistic approach to med school meaning we help you with every aspect in your journey to medical school and you will find no one else who does this. Meaning we help make sure you achieve 100% of the hurdles to medical school not just one!

Getting into The University of Auckland Medical School involves three hurdles which make up your eligibility for med.

  • Your GPA worth 60%
  • Your UCAT score worth 15%
  • Your MMI Interview score worth 25%

There are four core papers that determine your GPA’s success:

  • BIOSCI 107 - Foundations of Biological Science
  • CHEM 110 - Chemistry of Life Science
  • POPLHLTH 111 - Population Health
  • MEDSCI 142 - Foundations of Medical Science

The first three are offered in the first semester and MEDSCI 142 is in the second semester.

Package Options 

Option One Option Two Option Three
Flying Start Semester Two Flying Start Semester Two Flying Start Semester Two
Weekly Revision Semester One & Two Weekly Revision Semester One & Two Weekly Revision Semester One & Two
UCAT Winter Course UCAT Winter Course UCAT Winter Course
MMI Workshop & Mock Interview MMI Workshop & Mock Interview MMI Workshop & Mock Interview
15 hours of private UCAT tutoring & 10 hours of private MMI tutoring 15 hours of private UCAT tutoring & 10 hours of private MMI tutoring

30 hours of private tutoring of your choice


Flying Start Semester Two
Weekly Revision  Semester One & Two

UCAT Winter Course

MMI Workshop & Mock Interview Private Tutoring

20 hours of intensive group teaching for each core paper, delivered prior to the start of the semester

Online access to copies of presentations and worksheets on MedView's Synapse

Including a practice semester test with in class answer explanationsOur revision courses cover lecture content and help prepare you for mid-semester tests and final exams for each of your core papers.

Our classes are aimed to essentially save you time.  

You will be provided with worksheets every week to challenge you, and you’ll have the opportunity to regularly mix with your tutors and classmates outside of class.

20 hours of intensive group teaching
3 Full Mock Exams sat under exam conditions
Access to MedView's Synapse with over 2500+ UCAT questions

A 10 hour, 2-day workshop consisting of six-hour modules going through the different MMI stations. 

A two hour module for the acting station

A two hour practical module for hands-on practice

Personalised tutoring to your strengths and weaknesses 

Expert tutoring in the safety of your own home 

Flexibility to a time that suits your schedule

Delivered by the top tutors in their respective subjects

Our Tutors 

Our tutors are highly experienced, and are current medical students at the University of Auckland. They have each achieved an A+ in their respective subjects, each with 95%+ and/or top of the class in their subject.

Don't take our word for it

"As a lot of students in BioMed / HealthSci, I experimented with many companies that offered courses and tutoring for the challenging courses and UCAT but I found MedView most helpful, as it was a collective that was experienced and well-resourced in providing efficient study help. They were by far the most structured and efficient lessons I'd been to" - Devanshi, University of Auckland

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