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MedView New Zealand

GPA Booster - Auckland Package

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The Complete Package is our most comprehensive support! This package includes everything you will need to ace first year at Auckland University. 


Flying Start 
This 20+ hour workshop takes place prior to the semester starting and covers the first SIX WEEKS of all core paper content. 

  • Boost your grades before university even begins
  • Get ahead of the competition in your core papers - start your university life on the right foot, with the right people!
  • Become part of a specially developed intensive and interactive learning programme by current medical students
  • Bridge the gap between high school and university with a head start into the realities of HSFY.

Weekly Revision
This 60+ hour workshop begins in week two of each semester, covering the previous week's lecture content of the core papers. The workshop includes special 3 hour test and 5 hour exam workshops to prepare students for their assessments and everything they will need to know. 

2 hour workshops are held weekly throughout the semester to review lecture and assessable content. There are a total of 6 hours per week in semester 1 (BIOSCI, CHEM, POPLHLTH) and 2 hours per week in semester 2 (MEDSCI). 

  • Ace your test & exam scores for all core papers
  • Take the pressure off, with our weekly help
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Become part of a specially developed intensive and interactive learning programme by current medical students

All classes include intensive and interactive lessons, taught by tutors who achieved A+ or were top 5% in their class.

Each course is crafted to include important, examinable material allowing students to direct their studies toward these areas once university starts.

These classes are delivered either online or in person.


  • 350% higher acceptance rate for MedView students than regular applicants 
  • Top in-class tutors 
  • Only company offering add on/top up revision for students 
  • Over 2500 students have gained entrance into medicine as a result of their MedView program

Our Tutors

Our tutors are highly experienced current medical students at medical schools across New Zealand. They have each achieved an A+ in their respective subjects, each with 95%+ and/or top of the class in their subject. 

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Why Our Students Do So Well

MedView's curriculum has been designed and developed by current medical students, and is based on the most recent exams, both practice and authentic. These are the best resources developed to help students learn skills and the autonomy to succeed in their medical school admissions. They are focused on training students to adapt their problem-solving skills under the immense time pressure of the exams.

The MedView Guarantee

MedView is the leading medical school preparation organisation in Australasia, with a proven record of success. We deliver specialist support for every part of the First Year Health Science process. We are your one-stop-shop for getting into medical school, and deliver the best support available. 

At MedView we have worked with 2,000+ students - many of whom are now studying at Australia, New Zealand & the UK's best medical schools. Dedicated to the student experience, personalised engagement and app-tracked progress, we have invested in, and developed, the most advanced education technology available to help medical students succeed.