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Our workshops are delivered over Zoom. We provide editable digital copies of resources so you can follow along online. Class sizes are small to maximise engagement and there are frequent breaks to minimise online learning fatigue. All sessions are recorded for revision purposes.

Yes you can join on mobile via the iOS or Android Zoom applications however for the best experience we do not recommend this.

If you cannot make the whole workshop we are happy to transfer you to a later stream (we run both Summer and Winter streams of our courses) or convert the workshop into other services if joining a future stream is not possible. If you are missing only one or two sessions, the workshop is fully recorded and you get full access to all the recordings after the class.

The workshops are run by current Australian medical students who have scored in the 95th percentile or above on the GAMSAT exam and have extensive tutoring experience. Check out our tutors page to find out more about our team of expert tutors.


No preparation is needed to join our exam but we try and personalise the content to the group of students as much as possible so it is helpful if you have some idea of your weakest areas that you want to improve on. 

You will get access to the resources for 12 months following your purchase. At the end of the 12 months if you would like to continue using the resources we will extend your access for a further 12 months free of charge. 

We have our online question bank platform called Synapse where you can access the questions. We have extensive question banks for Section 1 and Section 3 that can be sat either untimed or timed. We also have 3 mock exams that resemble the timing and structure of the GAMSAT that you can use to practice. 

Your tutor will have access to all your test results so they can analyse your performance and help identify weaknesses and guide you.

Your essays will be marked by our expert Section 2 tutors who have scored above the 95th percentile in this section. They understand what it takes to score highly and can help identify areas of improvement.

You will receive your essay back with annotated comments on specific areas you can improve on as well as written feedback with general feedback and a predicted score.


Yes, all our tutoring is delivered online over Zoom to give you the flexibility to access the best tutors for your needs whenever and wherever you are. It also minimises the time spent commuting to maximise the time you get to spend with your tutor working on the important stuff.


We match students and our best available tutor for them based on preferred timing of sessions, the content you want to work on and personality matching to ensure the best outcome.

Yes if you find your tutor is not a good fit or if your needs change throughout the tuition, we have plenty of other tutors available who you can easily switch to. 

When you sign on we ask for your availability and how often you are looking to have sessions so we can match you with a tutor who has a compatible schedule. Once assigned, session timings are arranged by mutual agreement between you and your tutor. If you ever have any issues with their availability or your availability changes, let us know and we can change your tutor if needed. 

If you book in advance while waiting for your GAMSAT score or pending an application, we will fully refund any unused services if you get a score above 70 and no longer plan to sit the exam or if your application is accepted. You will need to supply evidence of the above and we will not refund in the case of a simple change of mind.

If you refer another student you are eligible for a $100 voucher or a free hour of tutoring. Make sure your friend mentions your name in the referrer field when purchasing and we will contact you to arrange. 


All our services are transferable so you can convert components of your package into other services e.g. 1 hour of tutoring can be transferred to 2 marked essays.

Please email us at with your CV and we will email you to arrange an interview.

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

Please send us an email at and we will get back to you within 24 business hours

Absolutely not! The tutoring hours can be split however you wish and they are all transferable between subjects if you change your mind.


We do a cohort analysis to scale the scores and calculate your percentile compared to our internal students as well as your predicted percentile for the final exam

The exam itself is sat online on the computer under timed conditions so sitting it from home mimics the exam.  Some conditions you will need to impose yourself such as sitting it in a quiet room with no distractions, not bringing in any outside material and supplying yourself with a laminated piece of paper and whiteboard marker.

Yes absolutely, in fact we probably recommend this as doing all 3 sessions each week in Semester 1 can be overwhelming for students and usually students only need support for 1-2 papers.

Our test and exam review sessions for Otago and Flying Start and Weekly Revisions for Auckland are in person as well as our UCAT and Interview courses. All of them are recorded and streamed online as well for students who cannot attend. All our tutoring is done online over Zoom and no in person options are available for that.

No, all major halls over weekly tutoring sessions for their students so we found these sessions felt redundant.