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MedView students are 6x more likely to gain admission into New Zealand Medical Schools!

Your grades are key to your admission to Otago as they make up 💯% of your application. To be successful, you will need:

  • An overall minimum score of 94% across all 8 papers - scoring below 70% in any of the core papers would affect your chances greatly!
  • Pass a UCAT threshold

Learn more about the Pathway to Otago 📝

How well you do in your first month pretty much determines your performance for the year ahead. This may seem daunting - especially with the added stress of acing all four core papers competitively in Semester 1 while starting a whole new chapter of your life as a university student. 


Why not start on the right page with the right people?

MedView's products are developed around the structure of your HSFY curriculum to ensure you receive the best support - year round ✨

Join MedView for a 🚀Flying Start in your HSFY and keep your progress in check with our Test & Exam Reviews! For a more comprehensive experience, check out our GPA Booster Package or our Complete Package for full-year support. 

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