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Your Medical School Entrance Mentors


Your Medical School Entrance Mentors

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"Working with top NCEA tutors, who were all current medical students, was extremely useful in keeping me focused and motivated to reach my goals. I found working with a coordinated team of UCAT, Multiple Mini Interview, and high-school curriculum experts super helpful! I would not have successfully gained acceptance into Monash if it were not for MedView's support."


"As a lot of students in BioMed / HealthSci, I experimented with many companies that offered tutoring for the challenging courses, I found MedView most helpful, as it was a collective that was experienced and well-resourced in providing efficient study help. They were by far the most structured and efficient lessons I'd been to."


"MedView went above and beyond what I expected. The Medical Interview mentor I had was incredible at identifying my specific areas of improvement, and worked with me to close those skill-gaps. The personalised-tutoring aspect of the MedView process meant that in a short space of time, I could get optimum results in line with my med school aspirations. I'm so grateful for MedView's help!"


"MedView really helped me settle into university and the private classes with tutors throughout the year have not only helped me learn but also been a source of support. The thing I appreciated the most about the MedView course above all else was the tutor-student relationships. They not only provided academic help but also advice on the year and support."


Attending MedView this year has been a great opportunity that took me a long way with my grades. The tutors have boosted my passion for the things I studied this year. Throughout this year there have been many times when I have thought about giving up and choosing a pathway easier than Medicine however talking to my tutors has given me a spark of hope and motivation to keep going. 


“I found the tutoring and support that I received from MedView this year extremely helpful. I really enjoyed the personable aspect of MedView classes. I really enjoyed when the tutors told stories of their experiences in medical school. Often they were directly related to what we were learning at the time and the stories were motivating, inspiring and usually quite hilarious!"