With four years of private tutoring experience, a love for all things medicine and science-related, Jenny is passionate in helping students reach their goals.

In first year biomed 2019, Jenny obtained A+ in CHEM110, BIOSCI107, MEDSCI142, as well as every non-core paper(with ITALIAN106 as her gen-ed, where she was the class rep, and made a FB page with Italian memes).

Jenny has NZQA scholarships in chemistry, and English literature. She took home the trophy for highest scoring individual in science bowls, and has an outstanding achievement, A+, in COMPSCI101 from the Young Scholars programme in 2018. In the same year, she attended the NZ Chemistry Olympiad camp, led the first EGGS team in the NZ programming competition, was the leader of IT Crowd, Science club, and Code club, where she taught coding classes at lunchtimes.

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