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Getting into postgraduate medicine unfortunately isn't an easy or simple process. There are three hurdles to overcome in your journey - 3 hours of science, 2 hours of humanities reasoning and a sprint to write two 500-word essays in one hour. Despite how long the exam is, most students do not finish the final section, so having speed, autonomy and strategy on the exam is very important for success.

What makes MedView students so successful?

MedView is the leading medical school preparation organisation in Australasia, with a proven record of success. We deliver specialist support for every part of the GAMSAT application process. We are your one-stop-shop for getting into medical school, and deliver the best, most holistic support out there.

At MedView we have worked with 2,000+ students - many of whom are now studying at Australia, New Zealand & the UK's best medical schools including Oxford, Kings College and more. Dedicated to the student experience, personalised engagement and app-tracked progress, we have invested in, and developed, the most advanced education technology available to help medical students succeed.

Start your journey to successful admission today with our range of workshops, packages, practice exams and online resources! 

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GAMSAT Practice Exams Self-Directed
GAMSAT Short Intensive  Self-Directed & 1:1 Tuition 
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GAMST Comprehensive Package Self-Directed, Group & 1:1 Tuition


Dynamic Curriculum

MedView's UCAT Curriculum has been designed and developed by current medical students, and is based on the most recent exams - both practice and authentic.

These are the best resources developed to help students learn skills and the autonomy to succeed in the UCAT. They are focused on training students to adapt their problem-solving skills under the immense time pressure of the UCAT exam.

Individual-focused Approach

1:1 tutoring sessions with our tutors who are current medical students across New Zealand. They are high achievers who have achieved A+ grades and/or scored top of the in class.

Strategic Planning

Flexible, modular curriculum focused on students' specific strengths and weaknesses.

Every MedView journey starts with our customised diagnostic exam that evaluates students' level of understanding and areas for improvement. This helps us develop the best plan of action and learning mode for our students.

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