Alan is currently studying a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) at the University of Auckland after having achieved a core GPA of 8.75 in his first year of Biomedical Science. Alan has averaged an A GPA during his three years of MBChB winning him a full scholarship to do his Medical Science Honours. Alan firmly believes that with good study habits and determination nothing is impossible. He is passionate about helping students succeed academically as well as maintaining a healthy balance out of school. If you are lacking motivation or need someone to help plan and provide advice to better manage your school life - Alan can help.

Alan completed NCEA level 1, 2 and 3 with excellence endorsement and received NZQA scholarships in Biology, Physics, Calculus, Statistics and an outstanding in Chemistry, overall awarding him with a NZQA Outstanding Scholar award. 

Alan was a prefect and the vice-academic captain at his school and graduated as Proxime Accessit (runners-up for Dux). Alan's spends his free time at the local YMCA and competes in badminton. During school break he enjoys travelling around the globe and exploring different countries and cities. 

In 2017, Alan was also offered the most prestigious undergrad scholarship at the University of Otago - Vice-Chancellor scholarship and the Top Scholar scholarship at the University of Auckland.

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