Grace is a Medical Student at the Univeristy of Auckland. 

Grace has achieved top results in both High School and University. She received excellence in every standard sat at NCEA level 3 - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, Statistics and Probability, and Classical Studies. She also received scholarships in Statistics and Probability, Chemistry and Physics. In University, she has a 9.0 GPA, receiving A+ for every paper she took in Biomedical Science. 

While Grace's grades are superb, her 3 years of experience in tutoring gives her further confidence in her abilities to teach. She tutored extensively as part of the Science and Maths Council and Literacy Mentorship Programme in High School, but has tutored privately as well. 

Grace has also been involved in various leadership positions, such as the leader of the Maths Council, and member of the Science Council, Intercultural Committee and Hauora Council in High School. Her passions lie in the community, having volunteered for over 160 hours at an Aged Care Facility. 

Grace is keen to help all students achieve their full potential, in particular helping aspiring doctors learn the skill of time management, and retaining a healthy study-life balance. 

In Grace's spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking and calligraphy.

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