Harrison is a third year medical student currently studying at Auckland University. Having achieved excellent grades in his first year through the Biomedical pathway including an A+ in BIOSCI 107 and A’s in both MEDSCI142 and CHEM110. 

Harrison is now the class representative for the Mbchb class of 2024. Finishing his last year of preclinical learning at the university of Auckland, Harrison is now set to be placed in Tauranga Hospital for his 4th year of medical school in 2022. 

During his high school years he studied at Auckland Grammar School through the Cambridge Pathway. Finishing his time at school he achieved A’s in A2 chemistry and biology. He also achieved a NZQA scholarship for chemistry in 2018. 

Outside of the classroom Harrison enjoys playing basketball and snowboarding in the winter months. However Harrison is also happy to sit back and binge watch a series or two of Netflix in his spare time. 

Harrison looks forward to helping future students achieve their own academic goals.

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