Henry is a Fourth Year  medical student at the University of Otago.

Henry was born and raised in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, attending Hutt International Boy's School. After completing high school as Dux he moved to Dunedin to pursue a career in medicine.

Henry has played chess since he was 9 and has played competitively in national competitions. In addition to chess Henry enjoys playing playing badminton and football.

In 2017 Henry achieved the NZQA Scholarship Award where he achieved scholarship Chemistry, Physics, English and Biology. 

In 2018 Henry achieved a 9.0 GPA in First Year Health Science with a grade average of 96% with 100% in PHSI191 and 99% in Chem191.

In 2019 Henry was accepted into Medicine on first round entry offers and currently aspires to go into the field of surgery.

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