Megan Lord is currently a sixth year medical student at the University of Otago and is on placement at Whanganui Hospital. She entered Medicine through the Health Science First Year pathway back in 2016, whilst she was a resident at Carrington College.

Prior to living in Whanganui, Megan was lucky enough to call the beautiful city of Christchurch home, and absolutely loves being able to travel back there so easily during semester breaks.

Megan is an avid believer in living a balanced life – she loves breaking up study with exercise, sightseeing, consuming unhealthy amounts of food from local cafes, and is always, ALWAYS willing to pat a furry doggo at the beach every other weekend. She does, however, tend to prioritise university over the more enjoyable things in life (especially during exam periods) so you’ll often find her in the library pouring over Gray’s Anatomy (and no, sadly not the TV show).

Megan thoroughly enjoys her degree, and absolutely loves the thought of being able to help someone else on their journey to getting to where she has the privilege of being right now. Megan enjoys explaining difficult concepts to people and assisting others in their study, and has always thought that tutoring would be something she could really excel at. Megan is a tutor that is always willing to go the extra mile in order for you to fully understand a specific topic, and she really hopes that she can get that little fluorescent light bulb to go ‘blink’ in your head every time you try.

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